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About us 

Who we are? 

We are a JMK company that specializes in the development, production and sale of harnesses for parrots. Our goal is to provide quality and safe products that allow your parrots to safely explore the world while remaining under your protection. 

It starts with a purchase 

 Dear friends, 

let us introduce you to the process of working in our company JMK. Every order is a priority for us, regardless of whether it is placed during the week or on the weekend. Your order is our starting point and we aim to produce and ship it as quickly as possible, no matter where you are in the world. We want you to get started as soon as possible. 

Each JMK harness is tailor-made for individual parrots. This means you can choose the colors, name and other details for your harness. The materials we use are carefully selected and tested. We purchase material continuously to ensure its freshness and quality. 

Our harnesses are designed to be comfortable for parrots. They are simple and practical, because any extra element could distract the parrot and damage the harness. We only use materials that are suitable for this purpose. 

We make harnesses directly to measure, we know the sizes of all types of parrots and we adjust some sizes especially for specific species. Once completed, each harness is carefully packaged and shipped. 

We look forward to seeing your happy parrot spending time outside with you. That is our main goal - to enable you and your feathered friend to enjoy time together in the fresh air. Even if some parrots won't be able to fly freely, we consider it a success. It is important that your parrot does not have to stay indoors while you are enjoying outdoor activities. 

Don't forget that your parrot is a member of your family, so we don't skimp on it, even when it comes to its comfort. His satisfaction and love are the best reward for us. 

Best regards, 

The JMK team